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Suex XJOY 14

The Suex ADV is a small but high pulling underwater scooter in the usual very good Suex workmanship.

3,840.00 € *

Halcyon Evolve MC Wing & Dive Tank Set

Halcyon Evolve MC Wing with double tanks 12L 232bar DIR Style and tanks transport cart for free!

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1,207.00 €
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New OMS Performance Mono Wing (OMS Harnes: OMS Edelst. Backplate mit DIR Harness, additional selection: Performance Mono Wing 27 lbs. Red)

OMS Performance Mono Wing in the color red or black with crotch,Cylinder Clamp Straps and hardware.

487.00 € *
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OMS buoy with Spool

OMS buoy with overpressure valve orange for inflation by mouth. Closed emergency ascent or buoy.

49.00 € *
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Slipstream OMS Fins

The OMS Fins with Spring Hells and overstress are ideal for sports and technical diving.The slight OMS dive fin.

129.00 € *
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DUI drysuit Zip Seal Silicone Cuffs (Additional Products: DUI Zip Seal neck seal - silicone)

The DUI Zip Seal Silicone cuff change - the new heavy-duty DUI Zip Seal silicone cuff.

145.00 € *
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