DUI Divewear,DUI XM 450

DUI Divewear,DUI XM 450


DUI underwear are characterized by excellent wearing comfort and intelligent combination of materials. DUI San Diego used to the motion-intensive parts of DUI XM 250 Jumpsuite and DUI XM 450 Jumpsuite a four-way flow to the flexibility and mobility. Also in DUI Polartec PRO Power Stretch materials were used, the same may extend in all four directions.

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ECO Dive Wear Baselayer Polartec underwear - ideal as  underwear under the drysuit underwear

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The new DUI Polartec Power Stretch Pro Jumpsuit is a four-way Polartec material, plus a nylon surface for longer life. 

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Underwear from polar-tech 300 full stretch. The DUI cavity fiber used in four directions stretchy (normal fibers only
In two.) This represents an unprecedented freedom of movement associated with the best insulation properties.

The new undergarment Polartec 300 is equipped with three bags. Included is an equipment bag.
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The same material as the underwear

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The warmest undersuit of DUI in the number of materials have been processed, which provides for freedom of movement without cold spots.

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The legendary DUI underwear. Custom 400 grams Type B Thinsulate, Thinsulate the highest quality grade.

This Unterzieher besitzten insulating properties of which other only dream.


  • Jump - piece suit available in Thinsulate ™ Ultra 400 grams (400 g / m 2 )
  • Two-way zipper,
  • Soft fleece,
  • wind and water resistant Microfaseroberstoffl,
  • two bags,
  • of the 400 series is quilted,
  • The underwear are also available Massa production,

    Recommended temperature range:
    Thinsulate Ultra 400: 2 °-10 ° Celsius

    Thinsulate ™ is a trademark of 3M

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Another great product from the house of DUI
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