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  • +49 151 4000 7595
  • Dive shop for sport and technical divers
  • info@tec-divesysteme.com

Halcyon DIR Dive systems embodying an innovative and safe diving equipment. The Halcyon Wing Systems are modular Applicable. That is, it can blow Halcyon Wing for bottles and mono Halcyon Wings are mounted on double tanks from said backbone Halcyon backplate and Halcyon Harnes. This facilitates the transport and the professional use of Halcyon Wings.

Halcyon has established itself increasingly as a manufacturer of premium diving Artike in recent years. Many new innovations such as the Halcyon Pathfinder Reel Pro or the Halcyon Cynchsystem are tested and manufactured by the manufacturer Halcyon diving. Halcyon is not just a manufacturer of Cave and deep divers, but also signpost for the ambitious sports divers.

The Halcyon modular Wingsysteme for scuba divers and technical divers. Basis of a DIR configuration.

Halcyon Wing - All about DIR diving such as Tanks, tanks and Halcyon Dive products and support, visit our dive shop TEC Divesysteme

Halcyon Stainless Steel Backplate, Halcyon aluminum backplate, or Halcyon backplate intermedia in the typical angled shape .

Halcyon Inflator, powerful, safe and super strong. Very important for any professional dive.

Halcyon Halcyon H50D with aura diaphragm design and Halcyon Halcyon Halo H75P with piston-controlled

Halcyon knife for underwater work or additional security for Tauchen.Die Halcyon Titanium Knife to slide onto the Harness

The underwater scooter Halcyon HDV T16 and underwater scooter Halcyon HDV R14 with different futures for your ultimate diving experience.

Halcyon mask with a small internal volume wide field of view and very large sealing lips perfect for any head shape.

Halcyon SPG for single tanks, double tanks and stage bottles with bright and clear display.

Cap GUE, GUE sweater, TEC Divesysteme polo shirt and 3D stickers. Promotional material for divers.

Halcyon Pathfinder Reel in three sizes from Delrin. The innovative processing can guarantee a clean rolling.

Halcyon Defender Spool Pro, the little brother of Halcyon Pahtfinder Reel an evolution of the simple underwater spool.

Halcyon Wetnotes with the Halcyon logo and a Cordura cover and Halcyon Large pockets for your diving equipment.

Halcyon underwater tank lamps, backup lamps Halcyon or small head lamps as the Halcyon Explorer Mini LED Lamp

Halcyon buoys for several applications.The company Halcyon is on Halcyon deco bags and Halcyon buoys 30 year warranty.

Halcyon Surf Shuttle - the diver's safety tool for the surface with small packing dimensions.

Halcyon Gator Wraps are essential to control the exchange of air in the drysuit.Available in three sizes.

Halcyon Stainless Steel Bolt Snap, Halcyon Halcyon stainless steel double-ender and D rings tested individually and in top quality.

Halcyon low pressure rubber hoses with 3/8 "and 1/2" connection. Halcyon low pressure hoses are High-quality connectors.

Halcyon Stage Rigging Kit for bottles, Singel tank adapter for diving wing and accessories in a known Halcyon quality.

Halcyon Trim Weight pockets and Halcyon Active Control Lead bags for your dive wing.Not only for Halcyon diving Wing.

Halcyon Halcyon Pee Urinal Valves and Valve for divers in conjunction with good urinal condom. An optimal solution for divers.

Halcyon valves and Halcyon valve groups are very easy to open by the specific structure under pressure and close.

Halcyon Spare parts for Halcyon Explorer, tank lamps, Halcyon dive wing,Halcyon Valves and Accessories