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TEC Divesysteme is an authorized dealer for dive bottles manufacturer Eurocylinder Germany.The tanks are also Apolda tanks or BtS Europe AG tanks genannt.Eurozylinder tanks are made of drawn steel and therefore very durable and sturdy . In addition, the tanks are equipped with several layers of zinc and also treated with several coats of paint .

The eurocylinder tanks are O2 clean and of course all have CE approval.

As an alternative to high-quality steel bottles in diving , we offer aluminum scuba tanks from the manufacturer Luxfer scuba tanks . Aluminum diving cylinders often come as stage bottles or small tanks as dry suit filling bottles used. Aluminum bottles are also beneficial if you want to immersed in salt water. All aluminum tanks are CE approved and are O2 clean .The advantage of our aluminum or steel bottles is that they have a very balanced weight distribution due to special manufacturing process which is very important when diving.

Aluminum scuba tanks have a flat bottom of the bottle . For tanks made ​​of steel, there are steel cylinders with round soil.The tanks have then getting a plastic pedestal as a foot .

There are also tanks made ​​of steel with a lenticular / flat bottom tanks . The so-called concave bottom of the bottle ,has the advantage that the scuba tank requires no additional plastic stand. In addition, the diving cylinders with a concave base by the special production as bottom of the bottle about 0,5 - 1,0 kg heavier. This can be an advantage for the diver.

All new tanks with valve with all papers (initial registration / TÜV) delivered NEW and O2 clean.Immerse yourself and discover the variety of products for the underwater world! Halcyon Shop ; | OMS Shop | tanks | Force Fin Your dive shop team!

Dive Tanks of euro cylinder aud Germany are galvanized and treated with special coatings. TOP quality aud Germany.

Diving aluminum cylinders have certain Features that are advantageous diving in salt water, and bottles at Stage.

Diving aluminum cylinders of the company Luxfer USA or UK Luxfer dive with Scubatec valves. A good combination.

Dive Tanks made ​​of steel from the company euro cylinder valves Scubatec Germany in conjunction with a good combination.

Eurocylinder diving bottles from Germany with double valve for two regulator first stages.

In this category, tanks, double tanks are connected to two bottles and clamps shut a bridge

This category is tanks are connected with a bridge and two clamps .Tanks of the company Euro cylinder

Stage bottles with regulator and rigging kit as additional bottles for decostop for mixed gases or as additional air supply.

Diving bottles with argon valve - valve threaded outer connection for argon in order to avoid confusion.

Tanks set to fill the dry suit with different bottle sizes and valves.With Aluminum or steel cylinders.

Tanks / bottles with a double bridge and a connection with double stand to stabilize.Plastic foot stand.

Mono valves, tanks adapter, shut bridges, double valves for tanks of Scubatec or Halcyon for 230bar or 300 bar tanks

Tanks with concave base. The lens-shaped bottom of the bottle does not require additional base and the bottle is heavy foot.

Diving bottles & compressed bottles for diving

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