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Seaya 30W Narrow LED underwater lights

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Seaya led Narrow underwater lamps with a wide viewing angle, small lamp head and strong performance.

Seaya led underwater lamps have a small handy lamp head. The Seaya Lame head has a Goodman handle the size is adjustable and can be adjusted so the hand. The Seaya led underwater lamps can be supplied with an e / o cord cable. The e / o cable has turned the economy, the underwater or lamp head can be replaced before the dive. The 10 ° Spot the Seaya LED Underwater Lamp has an enormous luminosity and is suitable as a lam


  • 30W LED
  • light distribution angle: 6° Spot
  • fixed beam
  • colour temperature: 6000°K
  • luminance: max. 3000lm
  • complete electronics in headlamp
  • type of handle: Goodman
  • completely sealed 13,8Ah Li-Ion battery pack
  • over-charge, over-discharge, over-drain
    and short circuits protection
  • banana connectors
  • run time: 175min 13,8 Ah, 180min 24,15Ah
  • classic toggle switch
  • cable** length: 105cm
    or according to customer's order
  • head dimensions (diameter x length): 6cm x 5,5cm
    (6,8cm including bolt snap mount)
  • canister dimensions (height x diameter): 23cm x 7cm
  • weight on land: 2,0kg
  • weight in water: kg
  • made of Delrin
  • max. operating depth: 150m
  • charging time: up to 5h
  • automatic charger for Li-Ion packs

* after this time the amount of light progressively decreases until the battery discharge
** option: underwater pluggable E/O cord
(length 70cm/35cm or according to customer's order)