One of the most well-known and also in the professional diving sport most widespread Tauchwing, are the Halcyon Wing. They vary in size and shape of the Halcyon Wing bubbles and also the Halcyon Backplates.

You can buy a Halcyon Wing in the classic horseshoe shape and in the Donat shape in the sizes:

  • Halcyon Wing Infinity 40 (buoyancy 18.1 Kg) in the Donat shape / encircling Wingblase suitable for mono bottles up to 15L


  • Halcyon Wing Evolve 40 (buoyancy 18,1Kg) suitable for double bottles 7L and double bottles 8,5L with wide clamp spacing and double bottles 10L and 12L.


  • Halcyon Wing Explorer 40 (buoyancy 18.1 Kg) in horseshoe shape suitable for double bottles 7 and 8.5L wide clamp spacing or 10L and 12L,


  • Halcyon Wing Explorer 55 (buoyancy 24.9 kg) in horseshoe shape suitable for double bottles from 15L.

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Worth knowing - before you buy a Halcyon Wing

The Wingblasen of the Halcyon wing, are two-shelled diving bubbles. There is an inner bladder and an outer Ballystic nylon protective blister. The manufacturer Halcyon has chosen ballistic nylon as the material, because it is very robust and adapts to the contours of the dip tank. This is important to minimize water resistance when diving.

The Halcyon Wing have two sizes of backplate. The "normal" Halcyon backplate size is the size that is used the most. But also the Halcyon Intermedian Backplate suitable for small narrow divers, is used accordingly. Halcyon aluminum backplate uses the diver to reduce the weight of Halcyon Wing. (-1,8Kg) The already legendary shape of the Halcyon Backplate with the angled wing tips, has the advantage of optimal mobility of the diver.

If you buy a Halcyon Wing, you are choosing a safe, high-quality diving wing, which is very popular in ambitious scuba diving.

Buy Halcyon Wing incl. A lot of accessories

But not only the Halcyon Wing with backplate, wingblase, harnes and hardware is appreciated by the divers, but the whole system with the many upgrade possibilities is a round thing. Because here the diver can personalize the Halcyon Wing by putting together his own individual Halcyon Wing. Whether with the Halcyon Cynchsystem for adjustable Harnes or additional right urinary pouch, - with Halcyon Storage Pack or the Halcyon Deluxe Backpad or the Halcyon Deluxe shoulder pads. Everything is possible, depending on the needs of the diver. You can buy an individual color combination of Halcyon Wing, which makes your Halcyon Wing unique.

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