Halcyon Wing

Halcyon Wing


Halcyon diving wing - the legendary Halcyon DIR Dive Systems for mono tanks and double bottles. Different construction methods guarantee a little water resistance and optimum lift. The Halcyon Wings are from the so-called double-shell construction. They have an outer shell made of bubble Balisticnylon and one inside. The outer material has the advantage that it is not in great stress "breaks". Wingblasen The are equipped with a zipper, so that the inner bladder can be easily changed out. Furthermore, the Wing has a pleated bubble and an inflator hose and a clamp drain.

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Halcyon Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Wing systems are limited to 500 pieces worldwide. An edition for the 20th anniversary.

949.00 €
787.00 *
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The TOP offer for our customers and all Halcyon fan's - The Double Down is back - For a limited time !


1,358.00 €
990.00 *
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The new Halcyon Traveler™ merges the simplicity and lightweight appeal of small jacket systems with the performance of BC systems.

660.00 *

The journey from Halcyon wing with a two-sheeted wing bubble and additional weight pockets very robust and only 3.5 Kg slightly.

870.00 *

In stock

The Halcyon Infinity for single bottles - a modular Wingsystem. Optional backpack and tank adapter lead

990.00 *

In stock

The NEW Monowing of Halcyon by the clam-shell building method very surely, Completely with Backplate, Harness with hardware, single bottle adapter, back cushion (MC-STORAGE Pak) with screw set
880.00 *

In stock

Two-shell, extremely robust Halcyon Wing bubble for double tanks with an inner and an outer protective sheath Wing

810.00 *

In stock

The New Wing for double packages of Halcyon. Complete:

  • with baking Plate,
  • Harness with hardware,
  • back cushion (MC-Storage Pak) with Schrauben-Set


including 5% coupon for your next order with us.
850.00 *

In stock

The Halcyon Wing with surrounding Wingblase Halcyon Cynch and two shells guaranteed Kompfort and Safety

899.00 *

In stock

Screws for fastening the back pad or the storage pack on the backplate. Stainless steel bolts complete set.

2.75 *

In stock

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