OMS Haness

OMS Haness

OMS Haness

The philosophy of the harness for his Wing system is very different. Divers who follow the DIR philosophy, opt for the simple OMS DIR Harnes. The continuous Harnes tape (50mm) wide without plastic buckles.

The diver who OMS Harnes system would easily personalized easily adjusted in length and width to be on site, opts for the OMS-comfort Harnes systems with split webbing. Optional is a crotch strap in width 25mm or 50mm inclusive. OMS Harnes there with or without shoulder pads.

The OMS IQ Backpack or IQ Traveler has additionally a Cummer belt which additionally protects the waist with a wide upholstery.

A new OMS harness system is the OMS Public Safety Harness. The OMS Harness is designed for extreme use and is height adjustable.

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The OMS Public Safety Harness is a harness system for extreme use. System can be customized.optimal for extreme forces.

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