Breath automatic Controller

Breath automatic Controller
Regulators from reputable manufacturers. Scuba diving regulator connect the bottle with the diver underwater. 
Scuba regulators can be classified into two categories. Scuba Regulators for warm waters and underwater regulator for cold water. The cold water regulators are suitable for German waters. They provide an anti-icing. Scuba regulator should have a CE certificate for the safety of the diver with underwater to guarantee regulator. 
Good scuba regulators offer also a slight breathing resistance and so light and exhale underwater even at greater depths. 
Revisions should be regularly carried out at lower water regulators. This guarantees the diver that the dirty parts and wear parts are replaced. 
The Scuba Regulators manufacturer offer Halcyon regulator for cold water an.The hose guide on the 1. stage of the scuba regulator is chosen optimally. The 1.stage small Halcyon Halo is membrane-controlled and optimal for the spinal device and also as stage scuba regulator
The manufacturer Tecline offers scuba regulator for cold water, Stage Scuba Regulators and DIR configured regulator to. The DIR Scuba Regulator Set of Tecline is characterized by at optimal hose routing. 
For breathing pure oxygen at 6m deep Tecline the manufacturer has designed a special underwater regulator.This is very interesting for diving with mixed gases and the technical diver.

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Finally it is here that have been waiting Halcyon regulators to many divers. Powerful and Robust

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The regulator has on the many divers waited

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Balanced high performance first Stage of Halcyon - reliable and sturdy

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Mouthpieces of soft silicone for the second stage of the regulator.Universal Mouthpiece for any scuba regulator.

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Screw cap for the 1st stage of the regulator. For regulators with G5 / 8 "thread.(Impact-resistant plastic)

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OMS breathing regulator with 3D hose guide and Miflex hose in various sizes. Also as a set.

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