Buoys provide maximum safety for the diver and the dive partner, but also for the support surface when diving. Buoys are available in various sizes and shapes. An elongated shape has become popular with the buoys and is predominantly used. Buoys are fundamentally different in three groups. 
Buoys with open design - to fill with the regulator / oral irrigator, 
Buoys half closed - to fill with the regulator / oral irrigator, 
Buoys closed - to fill the mouth or the inflator, 

Buoys are manufactured in two standard colors in diving. 

orange buoys - for surface marking, 

yellow buoys - to signaling problem

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The OMS lifting bag with large volume and small packing dimensions. The lifting tool for your diving adventure.

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OMS safety set for divers. The Safety kit is also security pocket, buoy and spool with doubelender.

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Closed Buoy for scuba diving. Length 1,17m to inflate by mouth or inflator. Available in two colors.

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A good buoy is standard equipment a diver. Closed buoys can also be etched on the water.As a signal generator.

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Filling with inflator hose or mouth

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Filling by the Inflatorschlauch, lift approx. 36Kg

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Blow up by the mouth, (without spool)

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Filling by the Inflatorschlauch
128.00 *

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Filling by the lung automat

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By filling the inflator or with the mouth in the yellow or orange (4.5 ft (1.4m) BIG DAM CC)

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without pressure relief valve, color orange
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OMS buoy with overpressure valve orange for inflation by mouth. Closed emergency ascent or buoy.

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OMS signal buoys in various sizes and applications for your safety

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