O2 Analyzer


Safety while diving with gases. O2 Analyser for diving






O2 Analyzer

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Divesoft O2/He Analyser with case, connecting hose and flow meter. The Divesoft Analyser complete kit for the gas analysis.

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Gas analyzer for helium and oxygen from Divesoft with Flowlimitter.To use with one hand.A secure gas analyzer.

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Hose to connect the analyzer to flow Divesoft O2/He limiter.Divesoft hose with special connections.

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Divesoft flow valve to screw on the bottle. Limits the flow rate of the gas.For a professional gas analysis

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produces a minimum gas flow between bottle and Ananyzer
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The oxygen sensor from Divesoft for circulatory devices and the Divesoft O2 Analyzer.

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