diving knife

diving knife

diving knive, line-cutter or scissors for underwater application can be lifesaver. Diving knives are usually equipped with a sharp blade made ​​of stainless steel or titanium. The blades should have the handle to the end of the knife a solid continuous reinforcement have a snap off to prevent. Diving knives are often heavily used and are also equipped with a line cutter to cut fishing line or underwater networks. But even strong fishing nets can be easily cut with a good dive knife.

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OMS knife / scissors combination for extreme use Underwater with serrated and smooth cutting edge.

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Linen cutters for fishing lines, fishing nets or urine cutter.Der Eezycut is a safe cutting tool for diving

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Our newest Halcyon knife features an angled sheath for greater comfort and a streamlined design.

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BtS Explorations cave Knife indispensable tool for diver rescue,cutting line,monofilament and fishing net

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