Dive Reel and Spool

Dive Reel and Spool
When wreck and cave diving are Reel an indispensable tool. You are the guide to your output and the connection to the surface. Underwater reel and the little brother of the spool or spool should per the requirements of deep wrecks or underwater caves meet .
Good Reel had to fulfill important properties.
  • Easy to unroll the canvas
  • braided nylon cord ( no floating line )
  • controlled rolling of Reel One by locks or brake,
  • no tangling of the line through special design ,
  • Goodman Handle for easy operation and work underwater ,
As an alternative to a reel ,there is the spool,Defender spool or Defender Pro spool .
The underwater spool is to overcome a Delrin coil with a nylon leash to shorter distances in the wreck.
A classic sicker and the use of a spool or Defender Pro Spool when put a buoy underwater.The spool is quite small and can be easily stowed werden.The underwater spool should be made of Delrin to have the spool virtually indestructible.Halcyon Defender Pro Spool also has a locking screw.

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OMS Smart Reel in different sizes with adjustable handle and changeable spool. Easy to use.

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OMS safety set for divers. The Safety kit is also security pocket, buoy and spool with doubelender.

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The Reel with great grip and stainless steel locking screw for Cave and wreck diving in three sizes


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The classic reel with a very large handle and fixing screw for wreck and cave diving.Very well made.



189.00 €
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A robusts and easy to use Reel made ​​of aluminum with large Godmann Handle and Double Ender.

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The Halcyon Defender Spool Pro Series in three size ranges offer a wide range of useful features.

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original Halcyon Defender Spools to Delrin with high-grade steel double Ender the Halcyon Spool keeps underwater also free-handles the trim

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Hollis finger pool of Delrin. The Hollis finger pool are available in two sizes - with 23m or 30m leash

34.50 *

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Locking screw for Halcyon Pathfinder Reel and Halcyon Defender Pro Spool for additional grip and stainless steel

14.40 *

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Cave or Wreck Line Arrows  plastic, color white with a blue Halcyon logo.Good visible under water

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A robusts and easy to use Reel made ​​of aluminum with large Godmann Handle and Double Ender.

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