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Fins for diving - whether solid rubber fins like the short but wider fins Turtlefins or the narrower OMS Tribe fins are classic in diving and the fins fins. But the OMS Slipstream Monoprene diving fins have certain advantages because they are made of special material.



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OMS Tribe fins in the seasonal colors 2019. The Limited Edition of the OMS Tribe fins. Available in limited quantities.

179.00 *

The OMS Slipstream fin in the summer colors 2019 -limited edition. Color matching OMS masks available.

129.00 *

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The OMS Fins with Spring Hells and overstress are ideal for sports and technical diving.The slight OMS dive fin.

139.00 €
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can be shipped within 2-3 days

The Halcyon Spring Hell Strap made of high-grade steel with fabric (pair) . With overstretching protection against wear out.


58.00 *

In stock

Fin bands made of stainless steel, with tissue

  • Size S   (27.00 cm)
  • Size M   (32,00 cm)
  • Size L   (37,00 cm)
  • Size XL (42,00 cm)
59.00 *

In stock

fins tapes from TEC V4 with open brackets

Turtle for Fin, Jet Fin, Fin-TEC

  • 25cm long
55.00 *

In stock

Solid rubber fins in the colors black, red, yellow with stainless steel fin straps.Stable Fins for scuba diving.


89.00 *

Not in stock

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