Underwater Video Light System

Underwater Video Light System

​Anyone who has ever tried has underwater to take a picture with his camera or shoot a video, you know how important good light for this application.Video light lamp with specially shaped heads and control units or scatter lenses and individually controlled underwater video light fixtures are very important. Underwater video lights must also be easy to use to capture on film-forming underwater scenes quickly and easily with the underwater video camera.

The underwater lamp manufacturer Seaya has specialized in high-quality video underwater lamp systems for sport and professional divers make. Seaya underwater video light with a very wide focus and a flood to 100 ° make the underwater video movies into a real experience .Seaya underwater lamps offer underwater video lights in HID and LED based in strong solutions.

Seaya underwater lights underwater lights are of the highest standard

Optionally provides the underwater lamp manufacturer Seaya of underwater tank lamps and underwater video lights with a battery Seaya tank in the capacity of 11,2Ah or 22,4Ah. The advantages of e / o cord, so a split lamp cord is and can be ordered from the underwater lamps with Seaya. In addition, the underwater lamp manufacturer Seaya stands out with a innovative and customer-oriented range of lamps.

Seaya underwater lamps and also Seaya video lighting can be provided on customer's with a classic switch or with a Seaya piezo switch. The switch sensor allows the Seaya underwater lamps comfortably on Seaya battery tank or to the Seaya LED lamp heads in single mode.


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Seaya Video Underwater lamp with and without e /o cord and classic button. Optionally with DUAL battery tank.

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with video reflector and E/O Cords, (lamp cans build directly   like of Helios 9), burning duration approx. 4 hours
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Video reflector and E/O Cords, 1 hour burning duration
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The absolute Nonplusultra in things video lighting! Akkutank, milled from a solid block Delrin, with 24 V, 9 AH NiMH Akku. Video lamp head with a 200 Watt of HMI burners. These basic data speak for itself and require no further explanation! Burning duration approx. 45 minutes. Inclusive 220 V battery charger. Dimensions of the tank: Length approx. 34 cm, diameter approx. 13 cm. Weight: Ashore approx. 8.1 kg, drift in the water approx. 2.7 kg.
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