Underwater backup lamps

Underwater backup lamps
Underwater backup lamps made ​​of Delrin or anodized aluminum with solid mounting option for a Bold Snap. 
Underwater backup lamps serve as an additional light source when the underwater main lamp fails. Convenient and Portable - easy to store and solidly built - with a long burn time - these are the underwater backup lamps we offer. 
The following features should have good underwater backup lamps


Nearly indestructible LED module, 

Conveniently stowed in the pocket or on the urine, 

Ideal for travel through low weight and long burning time 

Innovative handle provides excellent grip, 

Attachment point for loop or Bolt Snap, 

long burning time,

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The short but very powerful underwater backup lamp. Double O-ring and secured with recessed grip.

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The underwater LED hand lamp of Tecline.Ideal as a backup underwater lamp or as a primary lamp. Pressure resistant up to 200m.

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Underwater LED lamp with bracket for attachment to the mask strap. Can be used as a scooter or mask lamp


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A small Halcyon Backuplampe, which at the left and/or right shoulder D-Ring of the Harness one hangs up.

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Halcyon LED backup lamps are characterized by low power consumption, high brightness and robust construction. Water resistant to <100m.

To activate the lamp, it is enough to turn the camp's head.

  • 3-watt LED provides 50% more light output than the 1-watt LED
  • 7-hour burn time for the LED Mini-Scout
  • 5-hour burn time, brighter beam for the LED Scout
  • Highly impact-resistant bulb
  • LED bulb rated for 10,000 hours continuous use
  • LED bulb available for 2-cell and 3-cell battery configurations
  • LED upgrade kit available for all standard Scout and Mini-Scout back-up lights
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Halcyon’s Scout lights redefined industry perception and continue to offer amazing value with solid construction, well-designed components, and ongoing enhancements. The Scout light is machined from a solid piece of delrin with stainless steel internal components; the exterior is shaped into a unique pattern for easy gripping. Meanwhile the bulb cover is manufactured from Lexan—the same material used for bullet-proof glass.

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