Underwater Scooter, Scooter Suex

Underwater Scooter, Scooter Suex


TEC-Divesysteme from Beeskow near Berlin is Suex partner dealer

Suex scooters are among the best underwater scooters in the professional dive scooter segment worldwide. The underwater scooters of the Italian manufacturer Suex convince with sophisticated and innovative solutions for recreational divers, cave divers, wreck divers and long-tail divers. In addition to reliable technology and user-friendliness, the scooter models Suex VRX and Suex XJS Scooter are characterized in particular by their long runtime, which gives them a particularly high suitability for overcoming medium distances.

Suex scooter Suex XK 1 and Suex XK 2 - for professional divers and military

The models Suex XK 1 and Suex XK 2 are among the absolute favorites among professional divers and in the military. The flagship underwater scooters from Italian production are used worldwide.

Suex scooters buy from diving specialist TEC-Divesysteme

TEC-Divesysteme is a registered Suex partner dealer and therefore your competent partner for sales and services for Suex scooters. We decided to sell Suex underwater scooters because:

  • Suex scooters have the best performance
  • Suex scooters are manufactured in Europe and thus ensure short delivery times and fast service and because
  • Suex is an innovative, professional company with consistently high product quality.


Suex Scooter

Suex Scooter


Suex Scooter - the professional manufacturer for scooters manufactures scooters for sports and technical diving, as well as for military


Suex Scooter Accessories

Suex Scooter Accessories


Suex Scooter crops, spare parts and accessories - Suex  parts and their meanings

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Suex Zeuxo Scooter Service - Regular scooter maintenance and replacement of wearing parts on Underwater Scooter

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