Wing bubbles

Wing bubbles
There are fundamentally different in diving two different wing shapes. The Donat shape and the shape of a horseshoe. 
Donat form - has bubble encircling Wing has the advantage that the buoyancy is supported in the hip area and thus a very strong and stable position in the water is guaranteed. The circumferential Wing bubble is very common. 
Rotating Wing are blown Halcyon Evolve 40, Halcyon Evolve 60, Tecline Donut 15, Tecline Donut 17, Tecline Donut 22, 
Horseshoe shape - the shape of the bubble-Wing, the buoyancy in the restricted Wing bubble pages on the Wing and blow the head area of ​​the wing. This is the diver moving underwater. 
Horseshoe shape Wing bubble - Halcyon Explorer 40, Halcyon Explorer 55

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Clam-shell, extremely durable Wing for double packages
520.00 *

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The Halcyon Eclipse wing for single bottles. The two-shell design, it is robust and reliable.

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The Halcyon Evolve Wing for double bubble bottle a location subsidy, underwater diving in two sizes for different bottle sizes

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Hollis LX Wing bubbles - the new Tauchwing with circular bubble and specially developed form for more stability.

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Halcyon Evolve Wing bubble 45lbs. (20 Kg) for JJ circulation devices. The perfect wing bubble for the JJ CCR circulation device

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