Wing set

Wing set
The Halcyon MC Wing allows an optimal Trim by combining the weight distribution and stability of the 5-point Secure Harness. 
The displacement of the weight from the hip to the central body of the diver, not only allows an optimized position in the water, it also can prevent back pain and injury. A proper trim is essential to the effort and gas consumption, so that dives more enjoyable and easier. 
Halcyon Wings are designed so that the diver moves through the water with much less effort and have a low water resistance. The doubling of the area of ​​a buoyancy compensator increases the water resistance as early as four times and the energy required is sixteen times as large. Halcyon Wing reduce the resistance in the front area of the diver, which leads to greater efficiency and ease of diving.
The three main components of a diving wing are wing bubble, backplate and urine. The Wing bube buoyancy in different sizes and shapes should be double-walled. The bubble-Outside cover the Wing is at the Halcyon and Tecline Wing from 1680 denier ballistic nylon and protects the Wing inside bubble. 
1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon has the advantage that it is very flexible and lightweight. In addition, the folds of the material does not break. Ideal for scuba diving. 
The backplate must adapt well to the body and its optimal trimmed to the urine not to hurt. The angled 45 ° ends of the backplate have the advantage that the Backlpate and thus the entire Wing is not removed from the body when the diver be his torso moves to get to the dive bottle package and the valves.

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OMS Harness III signature with stainless steelplate and OMS Deep Ocean Wing bladder with retraction straps. For double and single bottles.

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OMS sidemount wing with two redundant bubbles. "SideStream" - the sidemount wing with optimal freedom of movement.

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The OMS Performance Double 45 Smartstream Signature - The diving wing that adapts easily to your body.

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Halcyon Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Wing systems are limited to 500 pieces worldwide. An edition for the 20th anniversary.

949.00 €
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The TOP offer for our customers and all Halcyon fan's - The Double Down is back - For a limited time !


1,358.00 €
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The NEW Monowing of Halcyon by the clam-shell building method very surely, Completely with Backplate, Harness with hardware, single bottle adapter, back cushion (MC-STORAGE Pak) with screw set
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The Halcyon Infinity for single bottles - a modular Wingsystem. Optional backpack and tank adapter lead

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Two-shell, extremely robust Halcyon Wing bubble for double tanks with an inner and an outer protective sheath Wing

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The New Wing for double packages of Halcyon. Complete:

  • with baking Plate,
  • Harness with hardware,
  • back cushion (MC-Storage Pak) with Schrauben-Set


including 5% coupon for your next order with us.
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The journey from Halcyon wing with a two-sheeted wing bubble and additional weight pockets very robust and only 3.5 Kg slightly.

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Hollis SMS 100 Sidemount System can also with dive bottles mono or double tanks on the backs.

660.00 *

The Halcyon Wing with surrounding Wingblase Halcyon Cynch and two shells guaranteed Kompfort and Safety

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The OMS Tauchwing for double tanks and Mono bottle with bungees in red or black.With stainless steel or aluminum backplate

739.00 €
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