BBC ballast & buoyancy control

BBC ballast & buoyancy control

(Weights: segment 1,0Kg)

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The BBC modular buoyancy control is optimal to produce a perfect trim underwater. There are three modules in sizes 1kg, 2kg or 4kg. The plastic-clad lead modules can be moved back and forth in order to influence the optimal trim between the bottles.

Optimal diving location means less force to move in one direction and the diver can concentrate on other activities.

When using lead eizelner modules, these are provided with a V-bolt between the bottles are held in position. It is also possible to lead two modules, lagguages​​. (1x 1Kg module inside, directly positioned under the back plate and 1 x 2kg module to the outside of the bottle. Then bolted it with a T-bolt and held in position. All lead module sizes can be combined. Depending on the required amount of lead and position.

There is also the possibility to lead the BBC modules as tail weight of the bottle bottom lagguages​​. 2kg + V-pin module or 1Kg 2Kg module module inside + T bolts to use.



Even the BBC recently developed P-Tail Weight 1Kg enjoyed increasing popularity.



- The P-Weight is screwed onto the back plate and the weight is distributed perfectly along the body. (Hole spacing 280mm / standard) is available in two sizes. (4 kg and 5.5 kg). Both sizes fit perfectly into the Palatinate, a standard backplate.

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Weights segment 1,0Kg

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Product no. Weights Status Price
TD 2011-0022 segment 1,0Kg
20.50 *
TD 2011-0011 segment 2 Kg
23.00 *
TD 2011-0012 segment 4 Kg
37.00 *
TD 2011-0027 segment 2,0Kg "wide distance between clamps"
24.00 *
TD 2011-0028 segment 4,0Kg "wide distance between clamps"
38.00 *
TD 2011-0013 T- bolts for Modul
9.00 *
TD 2011-0014 V-bolts for segment
9.00 *
TD 2011-0029 V-bolts for segment "wide distance between clamps"
9.50 *
TD 2011-0023 P-Tail Weight 2,0Kg
34.00 *
TD 2011-0010 P-Weight 4 Kg
60.00 *
TD 2011-0018 P-Weight 5,5Kg
75.00 *
TD 2011-0019 V-Weight 4,5Kg
47.00 *
TD 2011-0021 V-Weight 6,3Kg
76.00 *
TD 2011-0015 Belt Lead 1,2 Kg
9.30 *
TD 2011-0016 Belt Lead 2.0 Kg
12.50 *
TD 2011-0020 Belt Lead 3.0 Kg
19.90 *
TD 2011-0024 Pockets or trim weight 1,0 Kg
9.30 *
TD 2011-0017 lead for Halcyon STA 3.3 Kg
55.00 *
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BBC ballast and buoyancy control / catalog BBC ballast and buoyancy control / catalog
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