OMS Smart Reel

(Sizes: OMS Smart Reel 250)

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The OMS Smart Reel is available in two sizes and is unique in its function. It is possible to replace the reel reels under water and replace them with a spare reel.


Product details:

  • OMS SmartReel in two sizes 250 (76m) and 400 (122m) leash
  • Adjustable handpiece (soft grip)
  • OMS coil can be replaced
  • including Doubelender with Powergrip

Additional product information

Sizes OMS Smart Reel 250

Selection: OMS Smart Reel

Product no. Sizes Status Price
OS-2390-0001 OMS Smart Reel 250
89.00 € *
OS-2390-0002 OMS Smart Reel 400
129.00 € *
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Product Note Status Price
OMS buoy with Spool OMS buoy with Spool
54.00 € *
OMS Boje OMS Boje
39.90 € *
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