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If you are looking for a powerful reliable and compact underwater scooter with many extras, then the Suex VRX is the perfect choice.

The Suex VR Scooter is available in two versions. The Suex VRX scooter version has a Li-Ion battery and the Suex VRT scooter a Nimh battery. The (T) stands for travel.

The Suex VRX underwater scooter has a weight of 16.5kg and a length of 720mm. The TOP Spee is indicated with 65m per min. Whereby we find that this information can vary very much up or down. Because it depends very much on whether the diver has experience with a scooter or is still at the beginning. It also depends on whether you dive with mono bottle, double bottle and stage, as well as with wet or dry suit.


                    In all, the Suex VRX or the Suex VRT submersible scooter is one of the best scooters for the ambitious diver.


The Suex VRX comes with the new N Handle. Through the new N Handle is the scooter special in long range very light. Possible variant of the Suex Double Handle. It is possible to drive with two hands or change hands while driving.

PropLockweb   Suex_Handleweb



The underwater scooter Suex VRX is delivered with a PropLock system. The Suex PropLock system allows the diver to easily remove the propeller and remove it from plants or fishing lines underwater or even after diving over water.




The battery indicator is an important component of scooters. With the Suex VRX, the runtime is displayed via an LED ring. If the LED thing is blue, the battery is full. The more the LED battery indicator turns red, the shorter the battery life. If the LED ring on the Suex VRX turns red, the battery life is still approx. 10-15 minutes.




A main switch on the Suex VRX is not only very advantageous for long transport routes over water.




Reading with the help of the Smarphone is possible with the Suex VRX. The smartphone app allows to read the data of the battery.



Suex VRX features



TEC-Divesysteme is official Suexpartner and salesman for all Suex underwater scooters and accessories. We are also service centers and may perform maintenance.


Suex VRX Information:

  • Dimensions: 720mm x 340mm x 420mm
  • Diameter: 200 mm
  • Material: Tecnopolimeres / Polycarbonate
  • Weight (with battery) without battery: (16.5 Kg) 11.5 Kg
  • TOP speed: 65m p. min
  • Max working depth: 100 m
  • Battery type: Li-ion
  • Running time Full speed: 100 min, Cruise (45) 150 min




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Suex cold water Handle Suex cold water Handle
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