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Halcyon Focus underwater lamp

from 1,175.00 €

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The only underwater lamp with LUX motor for focusierbares light. Concentrates the light rays and prevents the "fog effect" 

Halcyon sets new standards in the field of underwater lighting. 

After more than 3 years of product development Halcyon has managed to develop new standards for head lamps for divers. 
So far, it has not been possible in concentrating the LED bulbs, as LED light-emitting diodes emit a lot of heat. Halcyon developed the new LUX engine allows so as to get LED light bundles a very strong light beam. Halcyon used the new Lux motor in two new products.The Halcyon flare underwater lamp has a solid beam in a compact housing for divers with high quality requirements. 
The Halcyon Focus underwater lamp can also continuously focus the light beam so as to prevent underwater even in murky water to "blend or fog effect." Thelamp haHalcyon Focus underwater s an adjustable beam between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes. 
  • The Halcyon Focus underwater lamp with standard cable (ie with continuous cable) and delivered a 5,2Ah battery tank. 
  • Optional cord cable can also only the Halcyon Focus lamp head without battery tank with an e / o be supplied. (See offer) 
An additional advantage of the offer underwater lamps Halcyon Halcyon flare or Focus for Traveler. The total weight of the lamps is minimized to 1.4 kg. 
Halcyon Flare LED with new standards for primary light´s 
  • 6 hours run time with a 5.2 amp hour battery 
  • fully adjustable handle 
  • 39,000 Lux at 1 meter (Focus at max. Performance) 
  • Weight only 1.4 kg 
  • Selection - standard submarine cable or e / o cable