Halcyon WetNotes and Halcyon Bag

Halcyon WetNotes and Halcyon Bag


The Halcyon Wetnotes ideal tables with water festivals pages for your dive planning and diving. Highly robust and easy to open by the strap underwater.

To postpone Halcyon pockets on the harness and diving equipment bag. The Halcyon Bellow Pocket in two versions with integrated weight pocket

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Bag for your regulator with large Halcyon icon. Padded Halcyon regulator bag made ​​from ballistic nylon.

45.00 *
Cordura covering, write insert, bookmark, transparent cover for Deko tables etc.
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Replacement pages for Halcyon WetNotes

23.00 *

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Halcyon Harness Weighted Bellow Pocket.For mounting on the harness for Halcyon Cynch or without Cynchsystem.

106.00 *

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Halcyon large sports bag 12 "inches in diameter. Suitable for diving accessories or drysuit.

129.00 *

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Halcyon Bellow Large pockets for Neoprene or trilaminate wetsuits with Klett an Zip


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