Underwater primary light

Underwater primary light


The underwater main lamp or the "primary light" is used by divers as the first light source underwater. But also as a signal generator for the buddy underwater main lamp is very important.

SeaYa Underwater lamps and Halcyon primary light are underwater lamps which have proven themselves on the German and international dive market.​

In contrast to the backup lamp, underwater lamp primary should have a possible bright light and a long burn time.Underwater tank lamps also have a Godman handle that allows the diver to use the hand with dive light.

If divers looking for a very good underwater lamp with good performance, a good user-friendliness, and with very good quality features that Seaya underwater lamps are the perfect choice.

Seaya underwater lamps are available in various designs and performance criteria available.The Seaya product range is broad and provides for every use the right underwater lamp. Whether for recreational scuba diving use or for professional technical diver. The performance of the Seaya underwater lamps for illumination, focal length and focus are hard to beat. Seaya has many years experience in the field of HID and LED underwater lamp technology can collect.

Another advantage of the Seaya underwater lamps is that each Seaya underwater lamp can be equipped with individual e / o cord. That is, at the Seaya tank battery may vary depending on required HID or LED lamp heads are mounted.

With the Seaya piezo switch the Seaya underwater lamps tank battery or lamp heads can werden.The connected via a pressure sensor by ensuring very high user friendliness of Seaya lamps underwater. An innovation of Seaya underwater lamps technology for Seaya tank lamps and for Seaya video lamps.


seaya is test center for SeaYa Underwater lamps

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The SeaYa Zoom is a focusable LED underwater light. The SeaYa Zoom is available in two sizes.

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Power strongly in the lower water world.The Seaya underwater lamp HID 35W is available with a 11,2Ah or 22,4Ah Li-Ion battery tank.

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The Seaya 50W HID underwater lamp for professional use underwater with Li-Ion battery tank, either with e / o cord. sales!

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Seaya led Narrow underwater lamps with a wide viewing angle, small lamp head and strong performance.

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Seaya led underwater lamps with piezo switches - pressure switches for extreme use underwater.

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Seaya battery tank with e/o cord with one or two e/o cord cable and switched separately. The optimal solution for the subsea power supply.

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The Seaya underwater lamp with huge power. Seaya 70W LED underwater lamp dimming in three brightness levels.

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Halcyon sets a new standard for LED underwater lampen.Die Halcyon flare with LUX motor and compact housing.

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The only underwater lamp with LUX motor for focusierbares light. Concentrates the light rays and prevents the "fog effect" 

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